Leonardo Mechanograph®

Automated objective and software supported movement analysis, performance diagnostics and fitness assessments

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Leonardo Mechanograph®

Automated objective and software supported movement analysis, performance diagnostics and fitness assessments

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Objective movement analysis and performance diagnostics based on everyday movements

Competitive sports

Leonardo Mechanograph® in competitive sports

In sports, power is what counts first and foremost, i.e. the ability to generate power even at high speeds. For this reason, the measurement of isometric or isokinetic force, which is determined in many measurement systems, does not reflect what actually happens in most sports where very high movement velocities occur. In addition, guided movements neglect the influence of coordination. Furthermore, the employed non-physiological movement results in a large training effect in repeated measurements, which cannot be clearly separated from the actual effect of targeted training. The aim of force and power diagnostics using Leonardo mechanography is therefore to investigate the dynamic development of force during the most realistic possible movement sequences.

Leonardo Kiosk Bundle


No movement without force. The Leonardo force plate allows the measurement of force during natural movements, separately for left and right. The use of natural movements allows high reproducibility combined with high sensitivity.


Power, the product of strength and speed and the most important parameter for elite sport, can also be determined separately for left and right. Reference data serve as a basis for classifying individual performance as a function of gender and age.


Deficits can be detected on each side and training successes can be objectively documented thanks to the two separate sensor plates for left and right. With the help of the optional high-speed camera, which provides synchronised images with other measurement and analysis data, complex motion sequences can be easily visualised.


Important parameters of balance are determined in various tests.

Easy & fast application

Since everyday movements serve as the basis for diagnostics using Leonardo mechanography, measurements can be carried out without time-consuming preparations. The average time per individual measurement is about one minute including preparation. For example, a basic assessment can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

The combination with pQCT

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Leonardo Mechanography Software

The impact of muscle function and sport-specific training on bone parameters is increasingly being investigated in the field of sport, especially in fundamental studies. With its extremely low radiation dose and due to the detection of bone density, bone geometry and muscle parameters such as cross-sectional area and muscle density, pQCT is an ideal complement to Leonardo mechanography to characterise and document changes to the muscle-bone unit.

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