Leonardo Mechanograph® GRFP XL

The advanced model especially developped for athlete sports (the measurement area is 20cm wider than standard GRFP). Dynamic measurement of ground reaction forces including side-differences. Spatial resolution e.g. for balance tests or dynamic training.

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The model for athlete sports.

With its 20cm wieder platform the system is especially designed for the use in athlete sports, but also for research and advanced users.

Dynamic measurement of ground reaction forces forces with respect to spatial resolution. Easy to use and to instruct, fast application and at the same time high reproducibility due to the utilised everyday motions. Applicable in any age group (reference data from 3 to 99 years included). Typical measurement duration about 1 minute per test (about 5 minutes for standard functional assessment).The test procedures include different jumps for the analysis of individual anaerobic peak power, maximum voluntary muscular force and movement asymmetries. Various balance tests are supported. The split platform allows a quantification of asymmetries of physiological movements. Included in delivery are the measurement platform Leonardo Mechanograph GRFP STD, the frame and the analysis software Leonardo Mechanography BAS. Optionally available is a measurement PC or laptop with software preinstalled.


Novotec Medical GmbH

Certified to


Medical device


Dimensions platform

660 x 860 x 70 mm

Dimensions total (l/w/h)

970 x 1170 x 70 mm

Weight Platform

60 kg

Weight total

72 kg

Number of Sensors

8 (2 x 4)

Sample rate

800 Hz

Resolution AD-converter

16 bit

max. force per sensor

ca. 2 kN

Interface to PC

USB 2.0, USB 3.0

Analysis software

Leonardo Mechanography BAS v4.4

Type No.


Seperated platform for left/right leg (side-differences)


Supported Test Types and Assessments

s2LJ, m1LH, m2LJ, BAss, DJ, LT, RT, TRT, BT, TpTs, TpTc, ST, LST, IF (depending on software type used)

Included in delivery

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