Leonardo Mechanography Kiosk

Central database

All Leonardo Mechanography systems use the same database structure. This allows multi-system as well as multi-user operation. Leonardo Mechanography also allows you to use any number of databases and switch between them as needed.

If all systems are located in a local network, several Leonardo Mechanography systems can access a common database simultaneously. For example, several systems can take measurements at the same time while data is being analyzed on another computer. This works even if different software variants are used in the process .

Integration of Galileo® Training, xelerate®.you

The new Stratec Common DB concept allows the simultaneous operation of several Leonardo Mechanograph systems, and also the seamless integration of the Galileo Training Plan Manager, xelerate.you systems including management software and xelerate.pro analysis software – all from one source.

Thus, Galileo Training plans, xelerate.you courses and Leonardo Assessments can be managed on the same patient/customer database.

Leonardo Mechanography RES as well as the xelerate.pro software allow the detailed evaluation of both Leonardo Mechanograph measurements and xelerate.you exercise sequences, the analysis of individual development over time and the comparison of individual and group progressions.

Across all systems, the patient/user can log on to any system using an RFID token and thus access their individual Galileo training plans, xelerate.you courses or Leonardo assessments.

Leonardo Mechanography v4.4
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