Leonardo Mechanography test and analysis concept

The Leonardo Mechanography Software is available in three different version with different functionality and user interfaces:
  • Basic Edition (BAS) The basic software
  • Research Edition (RES) Software with extended functionality as for example many additional measurement and analysis types as well as additional software modules like the statistics module.
  • Kiosk Edition (Kiosk) Special variant with simplified user interface optimized for touch-screen operation, allowing the end-user to conduct measurement and assessment by himself.
In addition, different test procedures are supported depending on the Leonardo Mechanograph hardware being used. The following table show the functionality supported by different hard- and software types.
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Assessments summarize all measurements of a measurement day for each person and clearly present the most relevant individual results including allocation to reference values.

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Test Procedures

The following test procedures are supported by different software versions (BAS, RES, Kiosk) as well as hardware types (STD/XL, PRO, LT).

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Special Test Procedures

The following test procedures are supported by the Leonardo Mechanograpy RES version in combination with additional hardware only.

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Additional features

The following additional functions are included in the various software versions.