Leonardo Mechanograph®

Automated objective and software supported movement analysis, performance diagnostics and fitness assessments

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Leonardo Mechanograph®

Automated objective and software supported movement analysis, performance diagnostics and fitness assessments

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Objective movement analysis and performance diagnostics based on everyday movements

Leonardo Kiosk - the sytem built for the fitness industry

Leonardo Mechanograph® for fitness application

To make it easy to quantify movement and at the same time get highly reliable and relevant data – that's teh concept behind the Leonardo Mechanograph.
Especialy in fitness clubs personell is a main cost factor. The Leonardo Kiosk system has been optimized for precisely this application - after a short introduction the client is able to perform the tests by him self, without need of help by personell. Using Leonardo is literally as easy as child's play - as a pilot at the technology museum in Mannheim showed, where over 15.000 measuremenst were performed by school children themselbves.
To allow this, Leonardo Mechanography uses every-day movements which are not only very easy to explain but at the same time are highly reproducible - movements like jumping, hopping but also balancing on one foot. Thta's the reason why basically everyone can use the Leonardo Mechnograph, which is shown by our reference data covering an age range from 2 to 99.

Leonardo Kiosk Bundle

Power & Aging

Power, the combination of force and velocity, teh performance is probably the most important parameter about locomotion. Reference data serve as a basis for classifying individual performance as a function of gender and age. The result is the "Power Age" - Does teh 40 year old perform like a 25- or a 70-year old? - an intuitive parameter easy to understand an which puts training effects into a completly new perspective!

Dynamic Forces

No movement without force. The Leonardo force plate measures th dynamic groudn reaction forces during every-day movements. It's uses one force plate per leg. Based on teh froce measurements parameters like velovity of movement, power and jumping height are calculated.


The split force-plate design - one fro each leg - reveals side-differecnes, deficites adn protective asymmetric movement patterns and training effects can be documented objectively.


Using teh simple one-legged stand importnat parameters of balance are analysed.

Easy & fast application

The use of every-day movements is the principle of Leonardo Mechanography. They allow measurements to be conducted without time-consuming preparations using easy to understand commands. The average time per test battery consisting of four individual tests is just about three minutes.

Minimize Personell Time

Since using the touch screen of the Leonardo Kiosk System is so simple, a short introduction is all teh client needs to be able to do his regular measurements all by himself - simply log in using the RFID and start the test battery consisting of 4foru individual tests. This way teh cleint always is aware of his personal development..

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Network & combination with Galileo® and Xelerate®

Leonardo Mechanography RES Software

Netzwerk Integration

Leonardo Kiosk kan be integrated into teh local network and you cna use optional analysis software to report and analyse data on other computers in parallel. For example you can add new clients, analyse trends or discuss individual development in detail with your client without blocking teh Leonardo Kiok System.

Integration with Galileo and xelerate

Leonardo Kiosk uses the same database as out Galileo and xelerate.you systems. This way you need only one system and one RFID to organize Leonardo Mechanography measurements, Galileo training plans and xelerate xClasses and analyse trends within teh results of all teh systems.

Let Leonardo Mechanograph® convince you!

Various scientific studies prove the validity of Leonardo Mechanography.
Profit from over 20 years of experience and results from over 150 scientific publications using Leonardo Mechanography world-wide.