Leonardo Mechanograph® GF

Automated grip-force measurement. Compact system for measurement of the isometric grip force (IMGF). Measurement results are automatically stored in the database of the Leonardo Mechanography software and the results are compared with reference data form age 3 to 99.

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Automated Grip Force Assessment at ist best.

Leonardo Mechanograph® GF consists of the Leonardo GF Sensor and a data acquisition module which is connected via USB to a PC. Leonardo Mechanograph® GF can therefore be used as a stand-alone device or in combination with other Leonardo Mechanography devices.


Novotec Medical GmbH

Medical device


Dimensions platform

200 x 125 x 35 mm

Weight Platform

0,4 kg

Number of Sensors


Sample rate

500 Hz

Resolution AD-converter

14 Bit (resolution ca. 0.2kg)

max. force per sensor

ca. 1 kN (max grip force 100 kg)

Interface to PC

USB 2.0

Analysis software

Leonardo Mechanography BAS v4.4

Type No.


Supported Test Types and Assessments

GrF, GrW

PC requirements

Windows 10/11, 8GB Ram, 120GB SSD, CPU > 2GHz

Included in delivery

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